The Story of Marmus Created by Kaffe4200Edit

Let's take it from the beginning, friend. Many years ago, there was no tribes, no war, no dangers, nothing. Everybody lived in peace. With each other, and with the nature. Everything was perfect. But nothing lasts, isn't that the saying? You see, a giant purple gem kept all bad in it. Every Time something bad happened, this gem would absorb it. That way, world peace was secured. They called it the Gem of Fate. But one man couldn't be affected by the Gem of Fate, and that man was Saulman. Saulman destroyed the Gem of Fate. Simply, he destroyed it. Legend says he was tired, wanted something exciting to happen. The only problem was that the Gem of Fate could easily be repaired, so Saulman made sure that never happened. He hid the pieces from the Gem of Fate all over the world. These gems were soon to be known as Saulman's Gems, and the legends say there is 150 of Saulman's Gems in total. Nobody knows what happened to Saulman after this...

Without the Gem of Fate, the world fell apart. People began arguing, and as everybody began to disagree about everything, the tribes were formed. It started with 24 tribes. After decades of war, the tribes died, one by one, until only 10 remained. They were Mathynors, Atils, Panthons, Quirls, Henses, Swarngors, Clams, Parlooths, Wrerks and Bluons. The Panthons and Bluons had been fighting each other for a long, long time. Right before the last tribe died, they agreed for a truce. But the Bluons weren't ones to hold their word, and they attacked the Panthons. Of course, the Panthons were far stronger than the Bluons, and they managed to kill every single Bluon left in Marmus. Well, except for one.

You guessed it, that one is me. Daniel Saulman. And I've sent letters out to people all over Marmus. I need their help, and well, guess they need me, don't they?