Raleir SeaEdit

Raleir Sea

Raleir Sea


The Raleir Sea is likely the most dangerous sea in all of Marmus. For many reasons. First, Proops, the sea dragon. Proops has been living in Raleir Sea for a very long time, eating humans, sirens, moscons, whatever he could find. Then there is the Siren Island. As the name suggests, it's full of sirens. Take care when going there. Maston and Maston East are not that dangerous though. It's overgrown with sacres, but as long as you stay awake, nothing will happen to you.


Raleir Sea once inhabited two dragons. Proops and Maston. To see who got to stay in Ralier Sea, the two dragons fought. Proops killed Maston, but Maston's name lives on by the island of Maston and Maston East.




  • Sacres (only on Maston and Maston East)